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Drawpile: A chaotic coalition of artists doing dumb stuff

...Or so it is marketed as.

In truth, I don't think I've ever seen anyone use this program seriously for any reason. Any claims it should make about collaborative drawing are total bupkus with the tone that it claims them in.
Why am I discussing this now, though?

It's simple.

Drawpile is one of my favorite things ever.

While any gamer with friends could easily tell you that any game can be a lot of fun if you have friends to play it with, there are certain special kinds of things that can really only be enjoyed if you're part of a niche crowd, such as artists and drawpile. And really, the kind of insanity such a thing invokes is in no other word, unique.

Put a bunch of weird artists together on a single canvas and tell them to go nuts, and you get something like this:

My first experience with Drawpile.
(here's a fuller sized image if you want one)

As is the norm with these things, I could not tell you half the stuff that is on this one. But as far as initiation into the world of Drawpile goes, I think I got a pretty good deal.
Here's how my typical Drawpile session works:

1.Find a Discord server that does them.
Easy enough. While the application is meant for gamers to be able to chat with one another in game, there are a few artist servers out there, and Discord is the best voice-chat I've ever had, so that's a plus.

2. Join the voice channel at the appropriate time and log into the Drawpile server with your Drawpile application.
Groups that do Drawpile will usually announce ahead of time, but I find the best ones are somewhat spontaneous.

3. Crack yourself up.
As I said earlier, Drawpile is never serious. Ever.
Really, though, I've already said much about that which I want to say in some of my tweet-chains I've posted. Here's two of them.

Regardless, what's so magical about Drawpile, and how can I explain how much fun I have in it when my average viewer probably insists they cannot draw a straight line?

Let's start with this. The proof is in the pudding.
I've done 4 more since.

Beyond that, we've all been children, right? If you've ever played imagined scenarios with your toys, putting things together willy-nilly, then you've basically got Drawpile. Artists get together and simply draw one of the first things that comes to mind, then look around the canvas.
The true magic of drawpile is when artists play off of one another's art, coming up with silly ideas to either explain or add to others drawings.

That's why I love Drawpile.

But I think I've rambled too long without a plan. The real reason I've posted this is because I want to actually make use of VHV's news page, and why not post my thoughts up there? Sounds good to me! (Of course it does, I'm the one doing it)

Have a good day, everyone, and I hope I actually have something a little better thought out to say later!

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