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Some other webcomics I like!

Schlock Mercenary

One of the first webcomics I found after realizing they were a thing. It's a sci-fi space-opera with a weirdly cynical/optimistic take on humanity and the people who are outside of it. An awful lot of military stuff goes on in this one, and there is some blood, but I would cautiously say this goes in the lower PG-13 rating, maybe upper PG if we're being generous.

It updates every day from Sunday to Saturday on the DAY BEFORE, of all things, so you can get a peek at tomorrow's post at 9:00PM EST if you like. I do like, so that's why I'm telling you.


This one is probably my greatest love when it comes to webcomics. Like Schlock Mercenary, it's a sci-fi comic, but with a far more realistic take on things, deriving it's humor from existing theorems of science blended with loads of almost sitcom kind of personalities with hidden depths, and it all feels just so very human.
Also, there's a furry in it, so you can't go wrong there.

Freefall definitely earns a PG rating for something that I think few people will have any problems with (except maybe not knowing what the heck is being discussed at times, but you get that from an author who is an engineer at his day job).

Freefall updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday whenever the author can.


If anything can be said about Paranatural, it's that it's stupid fun. It pokes fun at anime all the time, throws absurd humor around in every situation, and even has a compelling urban-fantasy setting to boot!

Now as a christian, I feel obligated to say that this one does not always tread ground I approve of (You know, like pretty much every work of fiction out there), but thankfully it does not emphasize it either with some elevated nobility or expect teary-eyed praise and sympathy as some webcomics are wont to do.

For how little it updates (Zack Morrison does beautiful, yet slow work), this is one I feel you shouldn't pass up.


StupidFox is a stupid comic about a fox who is possibly stupid but definitely a fox. I love it.

This one doesn't update that often, and I'm not sure why, but there's probably a good reason. ^^;

Star Power

If you're itching for a high sci-fi setting with a superhero in it, you could always read my comic as it probably has those, but this one is drawn way better and mainly features a human, so if you're tired of furries and want something else, you can pop over here. But that's a silly thing to assume you'd ever be.

Seriously though, Star Power is almost like reading a Marvel movie, just with a bit more emotion. It's just plain good actiony fun and it is gorgeous! For that matter, the author clearly takes great time and care into making race, sexuality and species be a non-issue in the setting, which is an excellent thing, because I don't WANT to care about what someone is, but who.

...The creators do make it an issue outside the comic, however, so unfortunately I'd advise against reading their blog posts on the site.

Starpower updates sporadically.


A Curiously Christian webcomic, as Adam Ford claims about his work. For quite some time, I wasn't even aware that such things existed, and when I stumbled upon it (and I have no idea how I did), it was pretty much love at first sight.

This comic is not beautiful, but it doesn't have to be. It's first and foremost goal is to state the reason for the hope that we have in Christ with gentleness and respect, at times rebuking with cleaver use of satire or long thought-pieces and, at least for me, teaching some things about God and theology.

Now bear in mind, Adam is not a pastor. He's some Christian guy with a drawing program and a place to post images, but he knows what a lot of smart people have to say about things and he thinks a lot, so I wouldn't discredit him.

Adam4d doesn't update often, but I don't care who you are, it's well worth your time.


This is a manga webcomic, but it's probably the best one I've ever seen- And it's not made by anyone living in Tokyo or even Japanese! I don't really know how much to say about it other than "it's complicated, I don't know what's going on but I want to find out".

So it's a Japanese video game comic that turned into a slice-of-life, slid towards a romance and then took a 270° turn and took off running towards drama. Also it has sci-fi, fantasy, realistic fiction, and maybe a whole mess of other stuff. It's complicated!

Don't take my word for it, though! MegaTokyo updates very, very slowly, but I think that's because the author is really trying to make everything work exactly as he wishes it to. Heck if I know what he's going for, but I do like the end results! Also my dad likes it, and he has good taste in fiction.


This is the furry comic of furry comics. Unoriginal premise, sexy, naked animal people, frequent sex jokes, and a human protagonist who wakes up with amnesia remembering nothing of the horrible things he did in the past and not liking said things one bit. Dumb stuff, right?


Not really. There's a reason this is the furry comic of furry comics. Tom Fischbach started artistically as sort of run-of-the-mill, but his art, and his story along with it, have gotten much better in their 14+ year run time. And while the main story has gone from "really not special" to "actually pretty good", the characters are where this piece shines the most. They're all quite lovable and cute in their own ways (except maybe just one character), telling them apart is not difficult, and their personalities, quirks, passions, wants and needs are far from cookie-cutter, sometimes even alien.

This is about the silver standard of furry comics, but I have found few that surpass this standard and stay good, so I would say it's at least worth a look. At least for the cute furries.

I'd say Twokinds is somewhere along PG-13. It does not update often because, again, beautiful artwork.

Call of the Sentinel

Now we're going to be here all day if I don't finish this up soon. I follow a lot of other webcomics, some I'm still deciding on whether they're good or not, some I'm not sure why I'm still following, and I'm also following a lot of other stuff over on my Tumblr, Deviant Art and Youtube. You don't have time for everything, so let's finish this one off with a bang.

First and foremost, Call of the Sentinel has probably the best art I've ever seen on a webcomic. it's entirely digital, but it all looks as though it's been painted in watercolor and colored pencil, and the attention to detail is simply incredible. It's stylized in the loveliest way, is what I'm saying.

Secondly, this comic is adorable in practically every way. There is solid evidence of a world that functions well, but peacefully, and what characters are there thus far are designed exactly to be pleasing to the eye. The conceit of the story is that Reggie, our main character, makes a friend and together they go exploring and talk about their lives, their dreams, and the world in general which is filled with weird and wonderful creatures. Very little happens and it is so zen!

I cannot speak for the future of this comic's tone or story, but I would gladly read a thousand pages more if I could! But alas, this one probably takes the longest to update of all listed, each bunch of pages being posted once a MONTH. I can barely stand it.

Call of the Sentinel has a solid G rating for "good clean fun". I recommend it!

Have fun reading, y'all!

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