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The Squeaky Mouse Gets The Grease

March 30th, 2019, 7:00 pm

My Thoughts:

Daaberlicious, March 30th, 2019, 7:00 pm


You know, like how the moth flies out of the empty wallet when the broke dude opens it?
Just so much poorer that the moth is dead and there's no washer inside.

Rose is a quirky, rare form of sapient. Part of the weirdness is not often commented on, but her incapability to vocalize is of
particular note. To facilitate this, Rosie is using a Real Paper drawing tablet and passing her drawings to yamri.
After many years of technological innovation and putting up with the same ol', one day a hardware designer got tired of worn
nibs, scratched screens and shakey strokes, so he sought to put a stop to that.
Trying his best to match the sensation of drawing on paper, he spent a good year and a half of nonstop work to make a screen
out of a special interstellar-era gel that reformed itself, all the while protecting the electronics and allowing proper drag at the
same time to stabilize strokes naturally.
The product overall sold very very well and is still seeing manufacture in many different sizes as the mainstay of any digital artist
with the coin to buy it, but unfortunately the one weakness of the "Real Paper" tablet is that it totally, completely and
entirely failed to feel like paper in any way whatsoever.

SDG, everyone.

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