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Unkillable Optimism

February 2nd, 2019, 7:00 am

My Thoughts:

Daaberlicious, February 2nd, 2019, 7:00 am


Show your Leos some love and they will show it to you!

Be sure to face adversity with a smile, optimism and sensibility!
Butter's spirits are sure to soar when Leo does it for her, so why don't you do it
for someone else in your life?

That bed looks cozy tho, doesn't it?

SDG, everyone.

Your Thoughts:

itsune9tl, February 3rd, 2019, 1:14 am


Glowing wheelie things... First question for me is how bright do they glow? if it's bright enough to read by, make lantern boxes, and kill the lights. That saves some power. Did they get any thing that they can use as a heat source. Depending on how hot, you either put them in the oven or the fireplace. If your apartment has a regulated heating your heating bill may take a nosedive. Some one may come around and ask questions as your power bill drops.

I would also be looking to see if some one would be willing to pay for access to study an artifact or three.

he could also go look them up in the tomeatoreium.


In the meantime have a Nyan.

Other than that it sounds like Buttercup is trying to be responsible about things.

Daaberlicious, February 3rd, 2019, 8:32 pm


By themselves without activation or a good method of extracting contained thaumic energy, magical artifacts, even if they glow or produce heat, don't do much of that by themselves.
Not that people haven't been that clever before! Especially in small colonies like Beta-4, creative solutions are devised all the time for modern conveniences (And given it is perfectly legal for one to run a gas-powered generator to power their house, thaumic power sources would be too).

Butter is being realistic here. Honestly, her discovery of the usefulness of The Torus was coincidental (or at least, in the eyes of mortals it was), and artifacts older than the 7th eon of creation, that eon in which she lives, have no current texts containing sufficient documentation to allow for any simple identification of artifacts- No translatable language has survived passage into another eon, much less any user manuals. Doing their own research is not enough, isolated as they are. Searching The Tomeatorium for information is an option, but with a library the size of a planet and an organization system for books that roughly equals "remember where you put it", you're probably going to get distracted by that one book series you really liked as a kid before ever finding what you're looking for.

Now artifact study is not often something people pay you for the privilege of doing. Sure, The Torus would definitely be of scholarly interest- Especially when one knows what it does- but most artifacts contain significant risk to figuring out, what with the necessary procedures possibly breaking the artifact (or some portion of an unfortunate scholar), so the services of a willing artifactologist would require half the commission upfront.

That wouldn't be a problem for Butter and her gang if there were such people available on Beta-4. As it stands, not even the Red Magus of
this planet have the experience- and the faeries of The Tomeatorium wouldn't see the benefit of understanding an artifact if they could just cast the spell they happen to need at the time.

Thank you for the comment! It's quite thoughtful and I love a good reason to invent some lore. :)

Any thoughts? Comment here!

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