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VHV - Here Be Gods, Empires, Monsters and Furries!


August 4th, 2018, 7:00 am

My Thoughts:

Daaberlicious, August 1st, 2018, 10:39 am


Alt text:
Butter has... A lot of pent up emotions right now.
It's actually incredible nobody else is crying over this.

Over the course of writing VHV, I've determined, much to my surprise, that my favorite thing to write happens to be emotional,
not actiony scenes.
Sure, those definitely have their place, but VHV has evolved to an extent to accommodate my taste for intimate fiction- Not
intimate as in love, but as in being close in focus- paying attention to the small details and interactions of characters, as opposed to any grander arcs or greater conflict.
I might go over this in a Daab-Gaab, but for now, discussing the comic!

Butter surprised me again writing her for this. She was primarily very introverted, possibly prone to anger in any
stressful situation, and certainly didn't cry as much as she is currently. Now? Well, you're seeing now. She's a bit softer,
vulnerable, uncertain. Definitely not capable of conquering all obstacles before her. That's why she has her friends!

And most real-world conflicts aren't solved by one person anyway. I find I like this Butter better.


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