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VHV - Here Be Gods, Empires, Monsters and Furries!

Cute furry tummies

August 30th, 2017, 4:31 pm

My Thoughts:

Daaberlicious, August 30th, 2017, 4:44 pm


Alt text:
That's Sam's pouch, by the way.
All rumbah have them, regardless of gender.
Hence, "pseudo-marsupial".

Significant art change:This page took a while to do, as I decided to make each panel on a bigger picture before shrinking them down to fit the
borders. This allowed more subtlety in the lines and more detail overall... Though I should ease up on that blur effect.

You may also notice a significant increase in consistency. Working with a larger picture size allowed me to adjust and refine things in a way I could not before.

So blah blah blah, yada yada, brag brag.
But really, all this is because, last week, I drew a picture for someone and learned a stinking ton from it. Here's the link, if you like:
It still makes me feel gleeful. :D

See y'all soon!

Your Thoughts:

MviluUatusun, May 19th, 2019, 8:54 pm


Thanks Thanks for clearing up the pouch thing. I was curious as to why a male marsupial would have a pouch. I had forgotten that you had called them pseudo-marsupials.

Daaberlicious, May 19th, 2019, 10:16 pm


...Sort of.

MviluUatusun, May 20th, 2019, 3:54 am


LOL @Daaberlicious: Of course, Sam is also a girl's name being short for Samantha.

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