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Main Cast

The main team! None too well known, but just experienced enough to get by, this loyal band of adventurers travels the galaxy in search of dungeons to loot, bad things to stop, and ways to help in general. The only thing they need to worry about is making money in the process. You can't eat gratitude, after all, even if you want to...





First Appearance:

Prologue - 7

Buttercup "Butter" Cookee is a rumbah adventurer for hire and the unofficial leader of a team of three other rumbahs, consisting of the unflappable Sam, the quite-flappable Belle, and Leo, the one who often does the flapping.

She has few friends beyond this circle and knows of even fewer people beyond that. Outside of the aggressive and physically intensive nature of her job, she is often not active and loves cozying up somewhere warm with something quiet to do.

Generally, she is calm and rational, though not at all minding silliness and quite fine with talking to others as long as she is not expected to talk back. Statistically, she is unusually huggy, but nobody who knows her thinks it's even weird. She is a part of a whopping-huge family of seven- Five sisters, a mom and a dad- and ended up being raised mostly by her eldest sister because of this. She loves her crazy family very much.

First Appearance:

Prologue - 8

Leonardo Damien Andreas Lysander, better known as Leo, is still a child at heart in many ways. Leader in name only of the squad of four because everyone likes him and his antics (most of the time), he has still proven himself useful on many an occasion, whether it be noticing things others totally missed, preparing breakfast for late-risers, or even just being nice to others, he really is glue for the rest of the team.

He is in fact all this because being raised as the only adoptive child by human parents, they thought it was very important that he expressed himself naturally. They didn't quite understand what was natural, but he turned out alright in the end.

Leo is, without a doubt in his mind, Butter's best friend, though she does not subscribe to such thoughts. Most would say his personality begins and ends with "dork", but there is more to him than that. Perhaps even vastly more.... Maybe.

First Appearance:

Prologue - 9

Annabelle "Belle" Rinnin did not at first live on Beta-4, and the way she carries herself proves it time and time again. While most people of The Civil Speck, regardless of species, tend to be kind of neutral on the whole aspect of elegance, there are times when Belle can no longer pretend to think likewise and gussy herself up in such a way that is sure to impress.

Beyond this superficial trait, however, lies a distinctly helpful and generally knowing person which, when it comes to Leo, has patience like a saint. Not so much generous materially as she is with the time she's willing to give, Belle may in fact have been the first to come up with the idea to form an adventuring party, even if all four rumbah claim they thought of it at about the same time.

Some time in her teenage years, she left Irtum and her oppressively prim-and-proper home for the outer colony of The Civil Speck. An elderly Cessip had since then taken the role of her caretaker. Her parents do not miss her, but her siblings, brother and sister, often send her messages, so not all love is lost.

First Appearance:

Prologue - 9

Samuel "Sam" Aritan is, despite Butter's evaluation of him, more of an unimpressed yet unoffended kind of person rather than grumpy and sarcastic. Life and all it's intricacies just seems to roll off of him for no other reason than that he doesn't see good reasons to get worked up about it (Well, unless he's being scrutinized in silence while naked, but you know).

Beyond the fact that he grew up on an outer colony, and such places are quite dangerous even for natives, Sam grew up rather normally as an only child of two perfectly average rumbah parents. His upbringing did not have any noted weirdness, and his name, though it makes no sense to anyone, is a traditional one that makes a very old, non-english joke. He doesn't quite remember how to explain the joke.

Sam has a surprising tendency to over-prepare in a crisis. While this may work out in everyone's favor at times, most of the time he's just panicking. Otherwise, Sam makes an excellent leader in the absence of Butter.




First Appearance:

Chapter 1 - 25

In the new group they formed, Miana "Mia" Jennine Rier (embis names sound close, but not quite like human names) may not be the leader, but she is certainly team mom. Her sweet demeanor, silly antics and empathetic personality just about made it inevitable, and since she's almost totally surrounded by individuals that are shorter than her (Two of which are her actual adoptive children), that just about made it a given.

Of course, Mia was not always this way. Born as an only child to a tall maned wolf father and a multi-tailed narrow-eyed mother, she was quite the brat through no fault of the parent's own. Mom, of course, quickly put a stop to that using every trick in the parenting arsenal and then some, but the results are truly worth it.

Mia may be an adventurer, but she is also a playful, fun-loving silly goofus, unsurprisingly cuddly for an embis, and has a random-access vocabulary of words she uses for expletives. Hence "brackets".

Yeah, it's... Very weird, and the colony doctor can't figure out what causes it.

First Appearance:

Chapter 1 - 25

Ardo Caldheim Rier is one of Mia's adoptive children and a fraternal twin with Emmi. Born on Beta-4 with the Red Magus, they were quite young, perhaps as young as two, when they lost their parents and Mia adopted them when they were six, after finding them adorable. She grew to deeply love them after spending a day with them just playing and hanging out. But enough about Mia, you want to hear about the kiddos.

Ardo is a very intelligent, quiet, possibly shy boy who deeply loves his mother. He's not so big on new things, but with a little effort he can haul out enough courage to try them when he needs to. As far as recreation goes, he likes doing quieter things like drawing or reading, or perhaps sitting outside in that little patch of forest inside The Civil Speck's walls, just listening to the birds and other docile wildlife that makes its home there.

Ardo is, however, not one you should underestimate. Like his sister, he begged his mom to start learning how to be an adventurer, and in short time he became a very competent swordsman and survivalist. If placed outside the colony and told to survive a week, he'd come back looking only slightly scuffed up and maybe a bit stinky, but otherwise fine. Not that he'd ever want that.

First Appearance:

Chapter 1 - 25

Emmi Serenia Rier is the other one of Mia's adoptive children and a fraternal twin with Ardo. She's not quite as intelligent, but has a strange amount of cleverness and spunk to make up for it, and pretends to be neutral on having Mia as her mom, but is fooling nobody and loves Mia just as much as her brother. She deeply cares for Ardo and will often play big sister whenever he's upset, confused or just lonely.

Recreation wise, she is the total opposite of her brother. She's into roughhousing, tickle fights, and loves to crash around outside and inside alike, often managing to get her brother into these games herself (though he may just do it because he knows she won't hurt him). There are always cool things out there for her to find, and she wants to find them all!

But at the end of the day, though her learned skill with magic may make her quite relied upon by her brother, she will ultimately depend on him to get her out of the really bad situations. They are a team, and she knows it.

Side Characters

Throughout their adventures, Buttercup and company encounter many people, weird and wonderful, or great and terrible. Some show up regularly, making this list.

Mother Jesserine


First Appearance:

Chapter 1 - 18

A pretty cool Red Magus lady (Pronounced "Red Maa-Juss". Don't worry, it's a common mistake) who busies herself in The Tomeatorium sorting books where she can and being of much help as she can to the fae inside.

So, basically, she lives in an extra-dimensional library and has tamed the most magically powerful kind of creatures in the galaxy. She's very cool!

Mother Jess is essential to Buttercup if she ever hopes to get any useful information from The Tomeatorium or the faeries within. Thankfully, she's very easygoing and generous, though just as cuddly as any other embis.

Some time ago, Mother Jess ended up in her current home by accident, and having no money to pay for the noise fine imposed by the fae mother, she chose instead to work until able to leave. She hasn't left, and somehow, many faeries are converting to Niemaism. Suspicious...

First Appearance:

Chapter 1 - 19

Punctio is a sweet little faerie who also has the benefit of being the only one Mother Jess really knows- She does not possess the same retention of names, faces and people that most faeries are known for. Because of this, Punctio has helpfully become her friend and assistant.

A bookworm's bookworm, an intellectual among intellectuals, and a constant chatterbox, Punctio is your go-to faerie if you want help in a library. Others, willing though they are, know little of the English language or any Irtum cultures.

This little guy also tries his best to be a diplomat, representing the faeries of The Tomeatorium in his mother and father's absence, loading on the charm and cute to make sure everything goes well, and attempting to make friends quickly.

Naturally, he and Mia hit it off really quickly (despite her accidentally tripping over him).

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