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VHV - Extra Art!

Extra Art!

Hey y'all! Thanks for visiting my site! I just thought this would be a cool place to store some other stuff that I did, particularly that which pertains to VHV. This is sort of a random-ish handpicked-ish selection, so don't expect anything much professional. Anyway, just click on the thumbnail to visit the original link, and have fun (or at least mild interest)!

This is the first ever image of VHV I produced. Obviously, there's a lot that's different even with all the improvement I've made as I progressed through the pages you currently can see now. Good GOLLY is it ever! Nothing seems all that clean, but you can tell I had put a lot of effort into it. I'm never going to regret this picture.

Something that's kind of took off for me are Doodle Dumps- Not insomuch that I do them, but rather how I do them. These are collections of doodles that have no connection to them, and were I another artist, I would have taken the many, tiny files I had and put them together into one big picture, but I'm not that kind of guy. Instead, I just drew onto one big picture and posted it, sometimes all in the span of a day. They still are technically doodle dumps, but the purists might be questioning it. I will likely have more on my other websites later, so if you really want to dig 'em up, knock yourself out! Just a fair warning:

My mind goes in very strange places. I doodle weird things, is what I'm saying.

And here's a whole other mess of cute, semi-related-to-VHV stuff! Some of them are kind of old, but they're goodies to me.

Have fun reading, y'all!

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