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Welcome to VHV!

VHV is a little okay-drawn comic with aspirations of grandeur, but more importantly, it's a sci-fi fantasy with a lot of furries and an unfortunately low amount of humans. Really, though, who cares about humans?

(I do)
(I care a lot)
(God may have made aliens for me to care about too, but I don't know any)
(So I can't ditch humans yet)
(Nor should I but)


Speaking of me, my name is Daniel Frederick, but most of the internet, should they happen to know me, knows me as Daaberlicious. I've loved drawing all my life and it only seemed natural to jump onto the webcomics scene.
This webcomic undertaking is a solo endeavor, a lot of work, but really, really cool to me, so every time I pick up my stylus to draw, I try to put love and care into each page I make. It doesn't always work, but at least I try. Sometimes trying may mean just making a few lines before pooping out... But I'll get discipline eventually!

Soooooo what else...
VHV, if you haven't already noticed in the archives, is pretty obviously influenced by my faith in God, and whether you think that's a good or bad thing, that's up to you. What I do hope to do first is entertain you all with an interesting story, and any time I can make you think with civility (and perhaps in the distant future make money off of this thing, hey), that's a bonus.
As for my other hobbies, I play way too many video games, eat way too little and love my two dogs very much. I love the idea of books, though I never read them lately, I imagine I would like long walks on the beach (at night too), and I have a perpetual and incurable case of introversion. Scary! I don't talk to people!

If you guys are interested in more of me (and why wouldn't you be heh heh okay I'll stop now), I've provided a few links below to places I'm frequently found. You may find reposts of VHV in those other places, but among that, you will find:

-A drawing of an emu with rocket-launchers strapped to it's back
-Someone else's adorable characters cuddling which I drew because this is the internet and people like this kind of thing
-and a very crazy let's play ran by someone kind of incompetent(acting).

Have fun reading, y'all!

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Thank you. ^‿^​